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Discover Over 2500 Piano Chords with PianoChordsCompass

Welcome to PianoChordsCompass! With this app, you can access and play over 2500 chords with the authentic sound of a concert grand. Simply select a key, chord type, and optional chord complement to hear the chord. You can also invert the chord and play with it. Enjoy the experience of playing various chords with PianoChordsCompass!

PianoChordsCompass is your ultimate companion for discovering and exploring over 2500 piano chords. Experience the beautiful sounds of a concert grand piano as you learn and play different chords at your own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pianist, this app will help you take your playing to the next level!
With PianoChordsCompass, you have access to a virtual keyboard and a variety of chords to try out. Simply select a key on the left, a chord in the middle, and an optional chord add-on on the right (ideal for jazz chords), and start exploring the world of piano chords! This app is compatible with various instruments, including piano, harp, electronic keyboard, synthesizer, and organ.
In addition to being easy to use, PianoChordsCompass offers several features to enhance your learning experience. You can drag and drop your selected chords into editors to create your own virtual music sheets, with either written notes or a keyboard image. The app also supports treble clef and bass clef for written notes, as well as chord reversals and 56 different chord types, such as Major, Major 6, minor 9, diminished 7, magnified Add9, Major 7, Major 9, 11 major, Major 13, Major Major 7, Major Add9, etc.
You can control the volume, enjoy retina graphics, and play all chords with authentic piano sound. And, if you’re a GarageBand user, you’ll be happy to know that PianoChordsCompass is compatible with GarageBand’s smart instruments!
Try PianoChordsCompass for free with our Piano Chords Compass Lite version!


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