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Your key to perfect chords on the piano!

Take advantage of the virtual keyboard of this app and notes to try out over 2500 piano chords with the authentic sounds of a concert grand! Learn the chords at your own pace and write your own virtual music sheets! Find the perfect chords for your music at the piano!

Product Description

PianoChordsCompass can show you how you can access over 2500 chords and practice them. Select a button on the left, a chord in the middle, and a chord complement on the right side (ideal for jazz chords) and learn the chords with piano chords compass! With the help of this app you can learn the chords for piano, wings, trim wings, an electronic keyboard, synthesizer and an organ.

You can learn at your own pace, make the lessons as long or as short as you want, or you can focus on certain music notes. Piano Chords Compass is easy to use and is suitable for any ambitious pianist, even for small children!

Piano Chords Compass Features:
– The chord type notation and the chord type set is compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments.
– You can play all chords with authentic piano sound.
– Drag and drop your selected chord into editors to create your own virtual notes. You can use either the written notes or the keyboard image.
– The app supports treble clef and bass clef for written notes.
– it also supports chord reversals; 56 chord types, for example major, Major 6, minor 9, decreased 7, magnified Add9, etc. Major 7, Major 9, 11 major, Major 13, Major Major 7, Major Add9, etc.
– Volume control, retina graphics.

Try our free version of piano chords Compass Lite!

Hello and welcome to PianoChordsCompass!
This app can show you over 2500 chords, all with authentic sound of a concert grand.
Just select a chord keynote (key) on the left, chord type in the middle and, if you want, on the right side a chord complement. No, listen to him!
You can invert this chord. Do it again.
So now you do it! Have fun with the PianoChordsCompass!


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