120 Mandolin Chords – Learn How To Play The Chords With Photos

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Chords for the mandolin learn to play!

Wussten Sie schon, dass die Mandoline eine der am einfachsten zu erlernenden Instrumente überhaupt ist? Erlernen Sie mit der App „120 Mandolin Chords“ alle Hauptakkorde und Fingerpositionen. Die App wird Ihnen die Bünde, Noten und die Fingerpositionen lehren.

120 Chords for Mandolin is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced mandolin players. You can learn the chords, stick to your own chord sequence of your favorite songs on the app, or just practice. Are you right or left-handed? It doesn’t matter. Just enter your preferred hand in the settings and enjoy the mandolin tutorial.

Select a note or chord, and the app will show you the chord on the fingerboard, as notes, or as a colored photo with the finger positions on the fingerboard of the mandolin. You can also listen to the real sound of any chord on the app. Try different chords, memorize the positions on the fingerboard and find out where and how to place your fingers correctly. You can also use the app to create your own mandolin lessons!

You can view the free version of this app here.

You can also create your own chord sequences and save them under the “Favorites” section of the app.
Create and save as many of these chord sequences as you like! Or remove those that you no longer need!
Change the chords in the individual chord sequences!
Change the pitch of your chord sequences to match the sounds of your voice!

Welcome to the app 120 chords for Mandolin.
This app will help you find the right mandolin chords for your compositions, find the chords on the fingerboard and create your own chord sequences.
Select a chord, a sound, and a chord. You will then be presented with an image showing how the chord would look on a sheet of music and on the mandolin fretboard, as well as how to place your fingers on the fretboard to play the chord.
You can also create chord sequences. Select a chord and then press the plus sign. Add the next chord. Click the plus sign again.
Continue until you have reached the desired sequence. You can also change the order of the chords afterwards, or convert the pitch to match your vocal range. Now, if you have found a suitable pitch, click “Save as Favorite” and enter the name of your chord sequence!


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