Easy Audio Recorder – Record Music & Your Voice On Computer

Easy Audio Recorder - Record Music & Your Voice On Computer

Easy Audio Recorder – Record Music & Your Voice On Computer


Record your voice, music and podcasts!

Do you like to record music? Podcasts? Maybe you need to take a speech or tell a story in your own voice? Easy Audio Recorder (the simple audio recording device) is easy to use and will help you record high-quality sound on your computer.

So go ahead, set up the portable music studio, record your podcasts and audio lectures, and experiment with a variety of sound formats and custom settings that this app has to offer!

There are the following easy audio recorder functions:

• Recording control: Buttons for recording, pause, stop, Stop & Skip.
• Playback controls: Play, pause and stop buttons. The play button on the right side has a drop-down menu with more options.
• audio input device. Unless you customize this option, the app will use a standard audio input device (e.g. built-in input). For instructions on how to switch to another audio input device, go to Settings and click on built-in input, or watch our short video tutorial.

• Recording rate: 44100 Hz (CD quality) or 4800 Hz (DVD quality).
• Channels: 1 (mono) and 2 (stereo).
• Available audio formats: MPEG4ACC, CAF, WAV and AIFF.
• Bitrate: 64-320 kbps.

With the easy audio recorder you can easily record music or audio tracks, listen to them, rename them, copy them, send them. If for some reason you don’t like the way your file came out, you can throw it in the trash. This way, not everything is lost if you change your mind!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the easy Audio Recorder today and enjoy everything it has to offer!

Try our free version of Easy Audio Recorder lite!

Hello and welcome to the easy Audio recorder! This app helps you to record audio files on your computer and it is very easy to use. It has recording controls: The Red ‘ record ‘ button, a pause button, stop and record Stop & Skip. There is playback control: Stop, pause and multiple play buttons. These have several options, such as show file in folder and move to trash. Now to the settings. Unless you change your default audio input device, the app will always record your audio files using the built-in input. If you want to change this, we’ll show you how to do that. Go to System Preferences, click Sound, and then select your audio input device. These are your other customizable options: sampling rate, channels, available audio formats, and bitrate. If you want to rename, copy, or send your audio file, click Go to the location where the file is saved. We can get from settings there or from the play button on the right side. If you don’t like the way your file came out, you can move it to the trash. This way you will still be able to access it if you change your mind later. And now, beware, done, go-start your recording!


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