Easy MP3 Converter – Convert All Audio Files To MP3

Easy MP3 Converter - Convert All Audio Files To MP3

Easy MP3 Converter – Convert All Audio Files To MP3


The app supports the following audio formats as input: MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF, CAF, MP2, MP1, AAC, AU, M4R, M4A, TS, MOV, QT, MPG, 3GP, AC3, M4V, BWF, 3GT, VOB, AMR, 3GA, AWB, AU, SND, ADTS, and M4B formats. You can convert an unlimited number of files at the same time. To do so, add as many files to the app window as you want. You can play any of the files in an embedded player before you convert them. You can remove the unnecessary files at any time from the conversion list with one click.

If you want to customize your results, go to Settings. You can adjust the sampling rate from low to high quality. Select the bits per sample and number of channels. and define what the app should do after converting the files, e.g. play sound, and/or display the destination folder with the converted files in the Finder. Features include volume normalization, fade in & fade out options, and removing Pauses and styles at the start and end of each audio track.

And now comes the simplest step: press Convert-button to convert and create the MP3 files!

Download Easy MP3 Converter Now and use this really easy way to convert the audio files to MP3 format!

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Hi all together and welcome to our new app “Easy MP3 converter”. This app will convert your audio files of various formats with professional sound quality to MP3 format. It supports 28 different audio formats, such as MP3, MPG, AIFF and more. See the description of the app for a complete list of supported formats. You can also use this app to extract audio from video files.
The great thing about Easy MP3 converter is that it doesn’t matter whether your audio files are in the same or in different sound formats, are recorded with different or the same quality, or have different volume levels. Just drag them all into the app window and the app converts them all into the MP3 format.
Do you want to play your files before you convert them? No problem Easy MP3 converter comes with an integrated player. Just click the button with a note icon and listen to the audio track. If you find an audio file that you do not want to convert, remove this file with a few clicks! At the bottom of the app window, you can choose the destination folder for your converted files!
Now let’s go into the settings of the app. There you can adjust the sound quality from low to high. You can also set sound channels and bits per sample.
If your audio files were originally recorded at different volume levels, you can normalize the volume. You can also add fade in and fade out effects and remove the silence and pauses at the beginning and end of the audio tracks.
Are you ready? Then click on the Convert button and let Easy MP3 converter do the hard work for you! Here are the new MP3 files!
Download Easy MP3 Converter Now and try the app yourself!

Product Description

Easy conversion to MP3 format!

Do you want to convert the audio to MP3 format on your computer? Extract audio from video files? Easy MP3 Converter app simplifies the whole process on a few mouse clicks!


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