Photo GUN – All-In-One Editor For Pictures

macOS, Windows

Your secret weapon in image optimization!
This photo app helps you to edit multiple digital images at once. Even if you want to optimize several hundreds or thousands of photos, it’s easy with Photo GUN! Select your photos you want to edit, drag and drop them into the app window. Now select your desired operations, and leave the rest to the Photo GUN!

Product Description

This app contains a number of operations that you can use to create creative photos. You can also convert your photos, or customize your format to suit your needs. If you want to rename your photo files, also no problem!

The order of operations can be changed by you any time. If you want to use the same sequences of operations (Operation flows) more than once, you can save them as a preset. And of course you can look at the preview results after each operation!

Photo Gun offers you the following operations:
– Resize allows you to change the size of your digital images to suit your needs (blog, email, social networks, your personal or business website).
– Color balance helps you adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of your images.
– Vignette is a creative effect, vignetting to emphasize the center of the middle. This effect is often used in portraits.
– Watermark allows you to add watermarks, your company logo or text to prevent misuse of your digital images.
– Crop allows you to cut out unnecessary portions of your photos.
– Rotate changes the angle of your images.
– Mirror mirrors your digital images horizontally or vertically.
– Blur smudges unnecessary parts of your photos (you determine the level of blurring).
– borders allows you to add a picture frame. This operation has a wide range of colors and frame widths.
– RGB-order changes the order of the color channels so that you can change the colors of Vershiedener objects or object groups on your images.
– Grayscale transforms colored photos into black and white images.
– Histogram automatically improves all digital images made under similar circumstances.
– Binarize transforms your photos into monochromatic images by adjusting their threshold values.
– Invert allows you to invert the colors of your color images and turns your black and white images into negative ones.

You can view the free version of this app here.


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