Simple MP3 Player Lite – Play & Listen To Music Files !

Simple MP3 Player Lite - Play & Listen To Music Files !

Simple MP3 Player Lite – Play & Listen To Music Files !

macOS, Windows

MP3 Player App

Play your audio files independently of itunes!
Simple MP3 Player Lite is a free music app that is very easy to use and allows you to listen to your Lieblingsaudio files.

Why should you choose simple MP3 player lite? There are many others on the multimedia market!

Well, if you’ve ever used your computer to play the MP3 or WAV files, or you’ve ever held an MP3 player in your hand, you’ll like the design and clear and simple user interface of this app. The buttons of the app are just like a real MP3 player: Play, pause, rewind and fast forward. You can also adjust the volume and choose between 3 game modes: in sequence, loop and Schuffle/mixed.

Simple MP3 player Lite is not a traditional MP3 player. It not only plays files in MP3 format, but also those in AIFF, CAF, MP4, MP2, MP1, AAC, AU, M4R and WAV format. With this app you can drag and drop your audio files from the folders on your computer into the game list (note: The game List of the Lite version is limited to 10 audio files).

Our simple MP3 player Lite also has the unique clone function. You can “clone” the player and create a completely different game list for player No. 2 (up to 10 audio files). For example, you can have vocal music on player # 1 and instrumental music on player # 2. Now you can either use the first or the second player, or both at once!

Our testing has shown that simple MP3 player lite fulfils the tasks quickly and ensures good audio quality. This app does not affect the overall performance of your computer.

If you need more, take a look at our Simple MP3 Player app!

If you are looking for an MP3 player that is easy to use and has a lot of features to help you play your audio files, try simple MP3 player Lite! Download Now!


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