Photo Gun Lite – All-In-One Free Editor For Pictures

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Edit 1000 pictures at once!

PhotoGun Lite: The secret weapon for your digital photos!
PhotoGun Lite is a free photo app that is able to edit hundreds or even thousands of image files at once. You select your digital images to be edited and the desired operations. The rest is from the PhotoGun Liteerledigt!

Product Description

This image software provides you with a number of operations to help you with image optimization and various photo effects. You also have the option of converting your image files or adapting your format to your needs (website, blog, social networks or e-mail). If you want to rename your images, it’s also easy!

The order of operations depends on you and can be changed any time. You can view the preview results after each operation. You can also save one or more sequences of operations (Operation flows) as a preset if you want to use them more than once.

PhotoGun Lite provides you with the following operations:
-Mirror mirrors your digital photos horizontally or vertically.
-Vignette/Vignettierung to emphasize the center of the middle. This effect is very popular with portraits.
-Grayscale transforms your colored image files into black and white photos.
-RGB-order changes the order of the color channels and allows you to change the colors of individual objects or object groups on your images.
-Blur smudges unnecessary parts of your digital images (this option has different levels of blurring).
Inverts the colors of your color images and turns your black and white images into negative ones.
-Color balance Adjusts the brightness, contrast and color saturation of your digital images.

The full version of this app has 10 more operations. If you need to change such operations as resize/resize, cut watermark/watermark or crop/unnecessary parts, download PhotoGun today!


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