Tray Player: A Convenient & Intuitive Music Player for Your Mac!

Tray Player: A Convenient & Intuitive Music Player for Your Mac!

Tray Player: A Convenient & Intuitive Music Player for Your Mac!


Tray Player – the convenient music player for Mac. Play audio files without screen space, accessible via status menu or dock. Drag & drop files, 3 playback modes, display current playing track, add new audio files (up to 10 in free version). Small size, transparent background, easy to use with drag & drop. Supports MP3, M4A, WAV, and more. Download now and experience the ease of playing your music!

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Are you looking for a music player that’s always at your fingertips? Look no further than Tray Player! This app allows you to play all your audio files right on your Mac, without taking up valuable screen space. Simply drag and drop your files and folders into the app and let it quickly scan and play only the audio files. The player will appear in the status menu or as a dock element, giving you easy access to all its features.

Tray Player offers controls similar to a handheld MP3 player, including play, pause, next track, and previous track. Choose from 3 playback modes: play one at a time, play in an infinite loop, or shuffle the tracks. The player also displays the name of the currently playing track, and you can add new audio files to your list whenever you like (up to 10 tracks in the free version).

The app is small in size, with transparent background and a scroll bar for the playhead. Its drag and drop feature makes it easy to use, and you can drop your files and folders into one of 3 locations: the app window, the status menu, or the dock. It supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, and more!

Tray Player is a convenient and intuitive music player that lets you play your favorite tunes with just a few clicks. Download the app today and give it a try!

For an unlimited number of tracks, a full version of the tray player is required.
Check out our “How to” video on YouTube!

Tray Player – play audio files on Mac with ease. No screen space needed, icon in menu bar and dock area. Drag & drop files/folders into toolbar/dock, automatic detection of audio files. Controls like a standard MP3 player, 3 play modes: sequence, loop, shuffle. Show current playing file and playlist, quick switch between audio files. Try it now!


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