Tray Player Lite – Play & Listen To MP3 Music !

Tray Player Lite - Play & Listen To MP3 Music !

Tray Player Lite – Play & Listen To MP3 Music !


Small player, big sound!

Music player that is always tangible. Tray Player is an app that allows you to play audio files on your computer. The app doesn’t take up valuable space on your Mac’s screen! It quickly scans the files and directories that you have loaded into the app via drag & Drop, and plays only those that contain audio. The player appears in the Status menu (the bar at the top of the screen) and as the dock element below.

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Product Description

The controls of this player are very similar to a hand-held MP3 player: Play, pause, the next track, the previous track. Choose from 3 playback modes: Play one at a time, play in Infinite loop, or shuffle the audio tracks. The player shows the name of the currently playing track. You can add the new audio files to your list of tracks whenever you want (up to 10 tracks in total). For an unlimited number of tracks, a full version of the tray player is required.

Drag and drop your audio files and folders into one of the 3 places: the app window, the app icon in the Status menu or the dock, select a Play mode, and press play button! It’s so easy. Try it yourself and download the app today!

The app properties:
-Small size (Dock and Status menu icons);
-Drag and drop files and folders into the app;
-3 Locations for drag & drop;
-Intuitive and easy to use;
-3 game modes: one at a time, infinite loop and shuffle;
-Window for audio tracks list;
-scroll bar for the playhead;
-Transparent background;
-Supported formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, CAF, MP4, MP2, MP1, AAC, AU, M4R, TS, MOV, QT, MPG, 3G2, VOB.

Check out our “How to” video on YouTube!

Hello and welcome to tray player.
This app will help you play your audio files on your Mac. She doesn’t need a place on the screen. appears as an icon on the menu bar as well as an object in the dock area.
You can drop your files and folders into the toolbar or dock object. The app finds the files with audio content fully automatic. We’re going to try now. You can now add the new to these files
Or even with the new ones.
The controls on the player are identical to controls on a standard MP3 player.
There are three game modes: sequence, loop and shuffle.
The player will show you which file is currently playing. When you print to this display, you will see the entire playlist of tracks. There are also ways to quickly switch between audio files to the previous or the next.
Download the player now and try it yourself!


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