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Welcome to simple MP3 Player! This mp3 app does exactly what your name promises: it plays your own MP3 files on your computer, and it is very user-friendly!

Product Description

The new design features buttons that look exactly like a mini MP3 player: Play, pause, rewind, and fast forward. You can also adjust the volume and quickly find the exact location in the song you selected or one of your MP3 audiobooks with the help of a scrollbar!

The player displays the title of the audio track that is being played and shows you your game list. New files can be added at any time, while our MP3 player software supports not only MP3, but also wav, AIFF, CAF, MP4, MP2, MP1, AAC, AU, m4r and M4A format.

Drag & drop your audio files into the app, choose a game mode (in turn, loop or shuffle) and click Play! It’s that easy!

Our simple MP3 player also creates something that the best MP3 player you have ever held in your hand would not succeed: You can clone our player and create a whole new game list for player No. 2. The two players can be used either separately or together. For example, you can play your mp3 music on player # 1, and your audio notes on player # 2.
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You can try the free version of Simple MP3 player Lite!

Hello and welcome to simple MP3 Player! This app helps you to play your own MP3 files on the computer, and it is very user-Freudnlich!
Just drag & drop your mp3 files into the player. And again. If you want to delete the files that we have previously loaded and only want to keep them here, press “set files”. Otherwise, if you want to add these files to those from earlier, press “Add Files”.
Now you can choose between 3 game modes: sequential, or play the files in the order in which they were recorded, loop/loop, or Schuffle/mixed.
The buttons of this app are like that of a real MP3 player: Play, pause, fast forward, rewind. Now press play. If you are looking for a certain location in the file, you can use this scrollbar to find it faster.
You can also clone this player and then load other MP3 files on it. Now you can either use the first or the second player, or both at once!


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