Ukulele Chords Lite – Learn How To Find The Chords With Photos For FREE

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Easiest way to learn the ukulele chords!

If you want to learn how to play ukulele or improve your knowledge of different Ukuleleakkorde, UkuleleChordsLite is the right app for you! This free app offers you all the basic major chords with notes, handles and pictures of the finger positions at the Ukulelegriffbrett!

If you need more chords, minor chords included, upgrade to get the full version of the app 120UkuleleChords!

UkuleleChordsLite supports both right-and left-handed Ukulelespieler, has adjustable volume and retinal graphics. You can play all major chords with authentic ukulele sound, learn them while you’re playing, or create your own ukulele chord sequences for your favorite songs or exercises. You can transfer these ukulele chord sequences to higher or lower keys to suit your vocal range.

Choose the key you need and UkuleleChordsLite shows you the corresponding ukulele chord in three ways: as Music notes, ukulele handles and color images of the finger positions on the ukulele fingerboard. Explore different ukulele chords! Listen to the authentic ukulele sound, create your own chord sequences and change the order of your chords at any time! You can save your ukulele chords using drag & drop in your files or in the app under Favorites! You can save as many chord sequences as you want or delete those you don’t need. Don’t forget that you can transfer your chord sequences to higher or lower keys if you plan to sing along!

Have fun with UkuleleChordsLite! Download it now! Check out our tutorial for 120UkuleleChords on YouTube!


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