120 Ukulele Chords – Learn How To Play The Chords With Photos

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Learn to play chords for the ukulele!

Have you heard that the ukulele is one of the simplest string instruments that you can play? Learn all the main chords and finger positions, with 120 ukulele chords, an app that gives you ukulele frets, notes and finger positions!

120 ukulele chords is suitable for both beginners and Fortgeschritene players. You can explore ukulele chords, create your own sheet music and ukulele chord sequences for your favorite songs or for your ukulele practice lessons. Are you left or right handed? Either way, we’ve taken care of you. Just put it in the app and enjoy all the features of this ukulele learning software.

Select the pitch and chord of a ukulele chord, and the app shows you chord, notes, and the position of the grip. You can play any chord with authentic ukulele sound. Play around with the different chords, learn the positions on the Fretboard where you need to place your fingers and create your own ukulele exercises!

You can also create your own chord sequences to accompany your favorite songs and then save them as favorites in the app. Create and save as many sequences as you want. or delete the ones you no longer like. Change the order of chords in a sequence! Change the voice, up or down to match your voice!

Have fun learning the ukulele, with 120 ukulele chords!
Download it now! Or you can try the free version of 120 ukulele Chords Lite!

Welcome to the application 120 chords for ukulele.
This app will help you find the right ukulele chords for your compositions, help you find the ukulele fingerboard and create your own chord sequences.
First, select a chord, a sound, and a chord. You will see both a picture as it appears on the ukulele sheet of music, on the fingerboard, and where you need to place your fingers to play the chord. So, let’s play!
You can also create chord sequences. Select a chord and then click the plus sign. Add the following chord. Click the “Plus” button again. Continue until you get the sequence you want. You can change the arrangement of the chords or transfer them to another key that matches your vocal range. If you want to keep the order, click Save Favorites and enter the name of your sequence.


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