Bring Joy to Your Child’s Music Practice with Metro Gnome

macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

Is your child struggling to keep pace while playing music? Do they need a boost of motivation to stay engaged in their music lessons? Look no further than Metro Gnome, the app that turns the tedious process of learning music into an exciting game.

With Metro Gnome, your child can choose from a wide range of tempos and adjust the number of beats per minute and bars to their liking. The app offers both visual and audio effects to enhance the practice experience.

The gnome in the app moves in time with the beat and a bee lands on his nose with each bar. The number of bees displayed above the gnome’s head represents the beat and the individual bees represent the beats within the bar. The bee with its wings open indicates the current beat within the bar.

Your child can use the visual and audio effects together or separately. They can turn off the animations by clicking the “eyes” button, causing the gnome to close his eyes. If they want to mute the audio, they can click the “ear plugs” button and the gnome will close his ears.
Our experience and tests have shown that children enjoy practicing music with Metro Gnome. Give it a try with the free version, Metro Gnome Lite, and see for yourself.
Download Metro Gnome now and bring joy to your child’s music practice!


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