MetroGnome Lite – The Best Metronome For Kids

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Metronome for your child!

Does your child play music? Did he or she have fun practicing and pacing? No? This can be changed with the help of Metro Gnome Lite! This free app turns the tedious tempo into an exciting game with cartoon characters and sound effects.

The visual and sound effects can be used together as well as separately.
If you only need the visual effects, click Turn off sound. A little cute gnome moves his eyes in tact, a bee lands on his nose with the first stroke of each bar. At the top right is a number of bees, dis also move in tact.

If you only need the sound effects, click “Turn off Video”. The gnome will close his eyes and the bees disappear. A Crystal Bell announces the first stroke of each bar, and the rest of the beats are counted with the sound of a metronome.

Of course, the game is much more exciting if you use the visual and sound effects together!

This free version has 2 music rhythms to choose from: Largo and Adagio (the full version of this app also has Andante, moderato, Allegro and presto). Metro Gnome Lite allows you to set the number of Beats per bar and per minute.

With Metro Gnome Lite, playing and tempo keeping is a breeze!
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Check out our video tutorial for the full version of this app on YouTube!


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