Unleash Your Bass Guitar Potential with Bass Chords Lite

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Elevate Bass Guitar with Bass Chords Lite

Maximize your bass guitar abilities with Bass Chords Lite. This free app features volume customization, stunning graphics and realistic sound. Suitable for both right and left-handed players, it offers an effortless way to learn major chords with notes, tabs, and finger positions.
Create your own chord sequences for your favorite bass guitar pieces, rearrange as needed and even transpose to match your singing voice. Upgrade to 120 Bass Chords for even more chords including minors.
Track progress by saving favorite chords for future practice, either within the app or by drag and drop.

Take your bass guitar to new heights. Download Bass Chords Lite today and watch the video tutorial on YouTube for tips.

Ready to elevate your bass guitar skills to the next level? Look no further than Bass Chords Lite! This free app offers a comprehensive guide to major bass guitar chords, with customizable volume and stunning retina graphics. Whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed player, Bass Chords Lite has got you covered.
With Bass Chords Lite, you can easily learn the finger positions and notes for each major chord. The app displays the chords in three different formats: guitar notes, tabs, and images of finger positions on the fingerboard. You can also play each chord with authentic bass guitar sound to enhance your learning experience.
Not only can you learn the chords, but you can also create and save your own chord sequences for your favorite bass guitar pieces. You can rearrange the order of the chords and transpose them to match your singing voice if you choose to sing along. And if you need more chords in your arsenal, including minor chords, upgrade to the full version of the app, 120 Bass Chords.
Bass Chords Lite makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress and save your favorite chords for future practice sessions. Simply drag and drop the chords into your documents, or save them as favorites within the app.
Take your bass guitar skills to new heights with Bass Chords Lite! Download the app today and check out our video tutorial on YouTube for more tips and tricks.


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