Bass Chords Lite – Learn How To Play The Chords With Photos

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Easiest way to learn the E-bass chords!

Are you learning how to play the bass guitar? Take advantage of Bass chords Lite, a free app that can show you all the major chords for the bass guitar. This bass guitar learning software has customizable volume, retina graphics and authentic bass guitar sound for every chord you play. You’re left-handed? No problem! Bass Chords Lite supports both right and left-handed bass guitar players.

Product Description

Select a key and Bass chords Lite will show you the corresponding major bass guitar chord in three ways: as Guitar notes, handles, and as images of the finger positions on the bass guitar fingerboard. Explore all major bass guitar chords with bass chords Lite! If you need more guitar chords, including minor chords, upgrade to the full version of this app, 120 bass chords!

Play every major chord with authentic bass guitar sound, learn your notes and finger positions during the game, or save them for your future bass guitar practice sessions (you can either save them as favorites in the app or Drag and drop into your documents). You can also create and save chord sequences for your favorite bass guitar music pieces. Save as many chord sequences as you like or delete those you don’t need! Change the order of bass guitar chords in your sequences whenever you want! And, if you’re going to sing, transpose your bass guitar chord sequences up or down to match your voice!

Have fun exploring bass guitar chords with bass chords Lite!
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