Become a Pro Bass Guitar Player with 120 Bass Chords

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120 Bass Chords – Your Ultimate Guide to Bass Guitar
Learn the right chords for your bass guitar pieces, understand their positions on the fretboard, and create your own chord sequences with ease using 120 Bass Chords. Choose a chord, select the key and type, see the chord diagram on sheet music and the fingerboard, and play it with authentic bass guitar sound. Create your own chord sequences by adding chords and save as many sequences as you like. Transpose them to match your vocal range and have fun playing with 120 Bass Chords!

Are you tired of not knowing which chords to play on your bass guitar? With 120 Bass Chords, you’ll learn all the major and minor chords on your bass guitar with ease! This app is perfect for both beginners and advanced players and supports both right- and left-handed bassists. With customizable volume and eye-catching retina graphics, you’ll enjoy exploring all the chords with authentic bass guitar sound.

Create Your Own Chord Sequences

With 120 Bass Chords, you can experiment with different chord combinations and create your own chord sequences for your favorite bass guitar pieces. The app displays the chords as guitar notes, tabs, and finger positions on the fingerboard, making it easier for you to learn.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress and save your favorite chords for future practice sessions within the app or by dragging and dropping them into your documents. With the ability to transpose your chord sequences to match your singing voice, you can even sing along to your bass guitar chords!

Unlock Your Bass Guitar Potential

Download 120 Bass Chords now and start unlocking your full bass guitar potential. To get started, check out the video tutorial on YouTube for more tips.

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