Piano Chords Compass Lite – Find & Play All Chords

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The perfect chords on your piano!

Use the virtual piano keys and the note paper of this free app and try out over 800 chords, all with the authentic sound of a grand piano! Learn the chords at your own pace! Create your own virtual music sheets!

Product Description

This app can show you how to access and try out over 800 chords. Select a button on the left side, a chord type in the middle, and if you want to experiment with jazz chords, add a chord style on the right side. Now discover the chords with “PianoChordsCompass Lite “! With the help of this app you can learn chords for pianos, wings, keyboards and an organ. You can learn at your own pace, gestatlten the training sessions as long or as short as you want, or you can focus on specific music notes. PianoChordsCompass Lite is easy to use and is suitable for any ambitious pianist, even for small children!

Note: PianoChordsCompass Lite offers chords with up to 4 notes. If you need the complete musicset with 2500 chords, upgrade to the full version!

PianoChordsCompass Lite offers you:
– The notation and chords are compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments.
– You can play any chord with authentic piano sound.
– Add your selected chord to the editors using drag & drop to create your own virtual sheet music. You can use either the written notes or the image of the piano keys.
– The app supports treble clef and bass clef for your music sheets.
– it also supports chord reversals; 56 chord types, such as Maj, Maj 6, Min 9, Dim 7, AugAdd9 etc.
– Volume control,
– Retina Graphics.

Check out our ‘ How-to ‘ tutorial on YouTube!


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