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GuitarChordsCompass Lite – Find Perfect Guitar Chords

GuitarChordsCompass Lite is an app that helps guitar players find the perfect chords for their guitar. It offers hundreds of chords, displayed on a virtual fingerboard and in music notes, and plays with authentic acoustic guitar sound. With chord selection options, 19 tonal styles, 56 chord types, and compatibility with GarageBand, the app is a must-have for any guitar player. Download it today to improve your strumming skills.

GuitarChordsCompass Lite is the ultimate solution for all guitar players who are looking for the perfect chords for their favorite songs. With this app, you can explore hundreds of chords and play them with authentic acoustic guitar sound. The app displays chord options for 33% of all possible chords on a virtual guitar fingerboard and in guitar music notes. The chord diagrams are available for four keys (c, C#, D, D#), and you can upgrade to the full version of GuitarChordsCompass. for all keys.

Easily Find Your Perfect Chords with GuitarChordsCompass Lite

GuitarChordsCompass Lite offers a wide range of options for selecting chords. You can choose a key on the left, a chord type in the middle, and an addition to the right, and the app will show you all the possible chords for that combination. With 19 different tonal styles to choose from, you can listen to each chord you select and even use drag-and-drop chord diagrams to create your own music.

Unleash Your Creative Potential with GuitarChordsCompass Lite

Other features of GuitarChordsCompass Lite include the ability to select from 56 different chord types, adjust the volume, and enjoy the authentic guitar sound and retina graphics. The app is even compatible with GarageBand smart instruments and has support for left-handed players. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitar player, GuitarChordsCompass Lite will help you unleash your creative potential.

Download GuitarChordsCompass Lite Today!

Don’t wait any longer! Download GuitarChordsCompass Lite today and take the first step towards finding the perfect chords for your guitar. This app is the perfect tool for any guitar player who wants to improve their playing and creativity.


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