Banjo Chords Compass – Find, Learn & Play All Chord Charts !

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Learn to play the banjo chords!

Looking for the perfect chords on your banjo? Discover hundreds of chords with the BanjoChordsCompass (Compass for Banjoakkorde)! This app can show you all the possible chord options on your virtual Banjogriffbrett. Play any of them with authentic Banjoklang! Learn the chords at your own pace!

Product Description

We have developed chord diagrams that can show you all the possible chord options in all 11 positions on the Banjogriffbrett. We’re talking about hundreds of chords! If you choose a chord (a key on the left side, a chord type in the middle, and an addition to the right), the app will show you how many chords are possible with that combination, and shows you all the chords available. Come on, explore the chords with the app!

Here are some more things you can do with BanjoChordsCompass:
– Choose from 19 different voice types you prefer (standard, new standard, etc. See settings for the complete list);
– Listen to every chord you choose,
– You can use drag-and-drop chord diagrams in editors to create your own pieces of music;
-Choose one of the 56 available chord types;
– Adjust the volume;
– Have fun with authentic Banjosound and retina graphics;

Even if you’re left-handed, we also have support for left-handers. And if you use GarageBand smart instruments, you’ll be happy to know that BanjoChordsCompass is compatible with it.
Try our free version of BanjoChordsCompassLite!


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