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“Banjo Chords Compass” is the ultimate banjo chord finder app for any banjo player. With a specially developed algorithm, the app provides access to over 24,000 chords in all 17 positions of the fretboard for both 5-string and 4-string banjos. The app allows for easy exploration of chords, compatibility with GarageBand smart instruments, and the ability to listen to and drag and drop chords into compositions. It also includes 56 chord types, authentic banjo chord sound, and support for all common tunings. With “Banjo Chords Compass”, take your banjo playing to the next level and discover an endless variety of chords with the best banjo chord finder app.
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Are you a banjo player looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use chord finder app? Look no further than “Banjo Chords Compass”. Our specially developed algorithm provides you with over 24,000 chords in all 17 positions of the fretboard for both 5-string and 4-string banjos.

Explore an Endless Variety of Chords

With “Banjo Chords Compass”, exploring chords has never been easier. Simply select a chord root on the left, chord type in the middle, and chord type addition on the right to discover all possible options. Our chord types and notation are also fully compatible with GarageBand smart instruments, giving you even more creative options for your compositions.

Listen and Learn

Our app also allows you to listen to each displayed chord, making it easy to find the perfect chord for your song. You can also drag and drop selected chords into GarageBand for your own compositions and drag and drop selected chord diagrams into editors for your own songbook creations.

56 Chord Types Available

With 56 chord types including Maj, Min, Dim, Aug, Sus2, Sus4, and 5, the possibilities are endless. Our app also includes authentic banjo chord sound and all common tunings such as Open G, Standard C, Open D, Old-Time D, and more.

Additional Features

  • Left-handed player support
  • Volume control
  • Retina graphics for a high-quality visual experience

Download “Banjo Chords Compass” Now

Don’t wait any longer, download “Banjo Chords Compass” now and take your banjo playing to the next level! With thousands of chords at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.


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