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Thousands of chords on piano, guitar, ukulele and much more!

Do you learn to play a musical instrument? Need help finding the right chords? Would you like to try different instruments at the same time? Chords Compass Lite can help you! With this app you can find thousands of chords on 7 instruments with authentic sound!

Product Description

They have a selection of piano, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin and Balalaika. Select the instrument you want to use by tapping the image in the app window. You can also select the voice type for all string instruments. You can also use the right handed or left handed mode.

The next step is to select a chord. Select between C and D and then select the type of chord. For more sounds, an upgrade to the full version of this app is necessary, chords compass.

Chords Compass Lite shows you the selected chord as notes (for piano) or as chord diagrams (for string instruments) and the position of this chord on the fingerboard or keyboard of your instrument. Tap the play button to play your chord.

Once you have selected a string instrument, you can also select the position of the chord on the fretboard. Chords Compass Lite shows you how many chords of this type are available in your selected position and displays a set of chord charts.

If you have selected piano, you can use the inversion buttons to invert your chord.

Try out the different instruments! Since all instruments in chords Compass Lite are connected, you can play the same chord on different instruments, for example on a guitar, banjo, piano, etc. Tap the image of an instrument and start the chords Explore!

Discover the thousands of chords with chords Compass Lite! Download the app now! If you need more, check out our chords compass!

Check out our video tutorial for chords compass on YouTube!


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