Find Your Perfect Chords with Chords Compass Lite!

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Chords Compass Lite is an app for musicians to improve their skills and find new chords for 7 different instruments including piano, guitar, and banjo. The app offers options to select chord type, position, and inversion with notes or chord diagrams for playing. With authentic sounds and the option to upgrade, Chords Compass Lite is great for both beginner and experienced musicians to enhance their abilities. The app also provides chord charts and inversion options for piano. Check out the video tutorial on YouTube for more information.

Chords Compass Lite is the ultimate solution for musicians looking to improve their skills and discover new chords. With this app, you can access thousands of chords for 7 different instruments, including piano, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, and Balalaika. All the instruments have authentic sounds and you can choose the type of voice you prefer for all string instruments.

The app also offers you the option to select the chord type, position, and inversion, and provides you with the notes or chord diagrams to help you play it. The play button allows you to listen to the selected chord, so you can get a better feel for the sound. With Chords Compass Lite, you can explore different instruments and find the perfect chords for your music, with the possibility of upgrading to the full version for even more options.

In addition, Chords Compass Lite also provides you with chord charts for string instruments and inversion options for piano. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this app has something for everyone. Discover the thousands of chords available with Chords Compass Lite and enhance your musical abilities today! Don’t forget to check out the video tutorial on YouTube for a better understanding of the app.

For more sounds, an upgrade to the full version of this app is necessary, chords compass.


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