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Find the chords on piano, guitar, ukulele, and more!

Are you interested in to play more as an instrument? Or need help finding the right chords for your music? So or so, chords compass covers all your needs! The app contains chords for piano, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, banjo and balalaika and even with authentic sound for each instrument.

Product Description

Replacement of musical instruments is very easy. Simply tap on the image of a new instrument and try it out! All instruments in the app are linked, so you can play the same chords on the new instrument. Then select a chord. Select the desired key and chord types, and chords-compass app shows you what this chord as sheet music (for piano) or chord charts (for strings). Hear the chord by tapping on the play button.

In settings, you can select your preferred tuning option. And you there to determine whether you want to see the chords for right-handed or left-handed.

For stringed instruments, you can set the specific location of your chord on the fretboard and the app shows you, and all chord charts how many chords at the selected position are available.

The piano window contains the inversion button on the bottom to invert your chords.

Download chords Compass now and explore thousands of chords on 7 musical instruments!

You can try the free version of Chords Compass Lite!

Hello and welcome to chord compass app! This application will help you to find the right chords for your music u. It has seven instruments, under which it is possible, the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and balalaika from to choose. It offers the authentic sound for every available musical instrument! Select the instrument and the application will give you indicators as chords as sheet music for piano or chord charts for
Stringed instruments look. The application shows you, how many chords of this way on your music instrument or keyboard to find. Now select a musical instrument. Press the picture of the instrument you want to play. Let’s go to the settings. If you are right-handed, you print the image with the
right hand, and if you are left handed, with the left hand.
Now we leave the bass guitar settings. We go back to the guitar. Select the key and the type of chord and a supplement, if you like, or we can try without supplementation. Chord compass app shows you, how many of these chords in this position on the fret Board available. You can change the position of the handle, you see, in this position, there are 23 chords. We play one.
Musical instruments in the application are linked, so you can play the same chords on a different musical instrument, such as piano, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and balalaika. You can reverse also the chords for the piano. Go to the inversion, which is located on the bottom of the app window. Now, we invert the chord, and we invert it again.
Check out thousands of chords with seven musical instruments! Download the chord compass app now! Ciao!


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