Learn to Play Violin with Ease with “Violin Notes Finder” !

macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

“Violin Notes Finder” is an app to improve violin playing skills by helping to find and recognize notes. It offers two modes: “Find Note” and “Training” with customizable learning levels. “Find Note” mode allows exploring notes with finger movement and virtual violin tapping while “Training” mode challenges users to guess the note shown. Download the app to enhance skills and become a violin master.

Are you looking to improve your violin playing skills? Struggling to find and recognize notes? Look no further than “Violin Notes Finder.”

This innovative app offers two modes to help you learn notes at your own pace: find notes and train notes. In the “Find Note” mode, simply move your finger along the virtual sheet to discover the desired note, accompanied by bright dots on the virtual violin’s fingerboard to guide you. You can also tap different strings on the virtual violin to see the corresponding notes on the sheet. And if you want to hear the note, simply tap it!

Looking for a challenge? Try the “Training” mode. The app will show you a note on the virtual violin, and it’s up to you to guess what it is. Play for as long as you like, and when you’re ready, press “Stop” to see your progress and find out where you need to improve.

Customize your learning experience by adjusting the training level in the settings, and have fun discovering new notes and improving your skills. Download “Violin Notes Finder” today and start your journey towards becoming a violin master!


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