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Improve the ability to read music scores!

Would you like to learn how to find the musical notes of the various string instruments quickly? The answer is “Notes finder”! This app gives you a great selection of 7 different musical instruments: guitar, E-bass, violin, mandolin, ukulele, banjo and Balalaika. With the help of this app it only takes a few minutes per day to improve your score reading skills! Select one or more instruments and get started!

Product Description

You can adjust the volume for all instruments of this app and limit or extend the training area of the Griffbrets as you wish. For a guitar and an e-bass, you can select preferred notation.

Notes Finder has 2 modes: Finder and trainer.
The Finder gives you the possibility to find the music notes on the fingerboard very quickly. To do this, select the musical instrument and move your finger, or mouse cursor, up or down on the virtual music sheet. And you will see all the places on the fingerboard where this musical note can be found. After touching the sheet, the tone of the note is played. You can also do something else, click on the fingerboard and you will see the corresponding musical note on the sheet music.

If you already know the music scores of some masses, then you can go to training. Click Start-Knoff and the Trainig will start immediately. The positions on the fretboard are displayed for you to find the correct musical note. Put your knowledge to the test and measure your progress to achieve the best results!

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