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Learn the Music notes!

Need help to find the notes on the fingerboard of your banjo or Balalaika? “Notes Finder Lite” is a free app to help you! This app also gives a way to learn these notes in a simple and playful way. You only need to invest a few minutes of your time a day!

Product Description

In the app settings, you can adjust the volume and training area of the Balalaika and banjo fingerboard at any time.
Notes Finder Lite has 2 modes: Finder and trainer.
In finder modes, you can find all the notes available on the fingerboard of the musical instrument. Choose one of two available musical instruments, banjo or Balalaika, and move your finger, or mouse cursor, up or down on the virtual sheet music and the app will instantly show you all the spots on the fingerboard where you can find this music note. After clicking on the note on the sheet you will hear the tone of this note.

This also goes in the opposite direction. Touch the grip points and you will see the corresponding music notes on the virtual sheet.

If you are already familiar with musical notes on the musical instrument, you can immediately go to training. To do this, click the Start button and the app will show you a spot on the fretboard and you have to guess what notes that is! Your progress will be tracked at each test and you can analyze it later to improve your Notelesefähigkeiten.

Download the Notes Finder Lite app now!

Need more musical instruments for the app? Then take a look at the full version. The full version of the app supports the following musical instruments: the guitar, the bass guitar, the ukulele, violin, mandolin, banjo and Balalaika.

Also check out our video tutorial for Notes finder on YouTube!


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