Bass Chords Compass – Find, Play & Learn All Bass Guitar Chords !

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Learn to play the E-bass chords!!

Let bass chords compass help you get in touch with your inner rock star! Whether you’re just starting to play bass guitar or just need help with more advanced chords, this Bassgittaren learning app is the solution! Bass Chords Compass will show you all chords that are possible on a bass guitar fingerboard. Choose from the list of the most common bass guitar settings and the app will automatically adjust the chords to your favorite settings!

This bass guitar learning software is easy to use, it supports both left-handed and right-handed bass guitar players, has adjustable volume, authentic bass guitar sound, and retina graphics. Are you a GarageBand fan? Bass Chords Compass is compatible with GarageBand smart instruments.

Start by selecting a bass guitar chord: Select a key on the left, a chord in the middle, and, if you want, a replacement chord on the right. Then select the position on the virtual bass guitar fretboard. Bass Chords Compass will show you how many chords of this key and this type are possible in this position and the corresponding bass guitar notes. Now play the chords with authentic bass guitar sound!

You can explore bass guitar chords and learn them in the meantime or save them for later. Just copy them into an editing program using drag & Drop and use them later to practice. You can also create your own virtual music sheets!

Try our free bass Chords Compass Lite version!
Have fun exploring bass guitar chords with bass chords compass! Download it now!

Hello and welcome to BassChordsCompass!
This app will show you chord diagrams with all sorts of options in all 11 positions of the guitar Griffbretts. BassChordsCompass will show you the chords for all the popular settings. Go to the settings and select your setting option. The default setting is preset.
Now simply select the key to the left, the chord in the middle and, if you want, right a replacement chord and explore the chords!
Now select the position on the fingerboard. This number shows how many chords are available. Let us try it out! Now it’s your turn! Have fun with BassChordsCompass!


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