Optimize PNG image size with “mini PNG Lite”

macOS, Windows

The “mini PNG” tool uses a strong Lossy Compression algorithm to decrease the size of PNG images, reducing over 80% of PNG data. The tool allows for drag and drop of PNG images and folders, preserves original file structure, offers a preview before and after compression, batch conversion, optimization for grayscale images, and the ability to change the destination folder for compressed images. It also provides information on the amount of space saved and number of files during the compression process.

“mini PNG” is a powerful tool that uses Lossy Compression algorithm to significantly reduce the size of PNG images, without sacrificing quality. With “mini PNG”, you can compress your PNG files by over 80% and save valuable space on your apps, websites, emails, USB drives, and more.

Key features of “mini PNG”

– Strongest PNG Lossy Compression algorithm available, reducing over 80% of PNG data
– Drag & Drop PNG images and folders for easy batch processing
– Option to preserve original file and folder structure, including non-PNG files
– Preview of PNG files before and after compression with embedded viewer
– Batch conversion support, including high resolution images and grayscale optimization
– Customizable destination for compressed files and notifications upon completion
– And more. Save space and optimize your PNG images with “mini PNG”.

Watch the video how to use the “mini PNG” bellow:


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