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The perfect chords on your mandolin!

Are you currently learning the mandolin game? Do you need help finding the perfect mandolin chords? Take advantage of MandolinChordsCompass Lite, a free app that can show you hundreds of Mandolinakkorden of all pitches! This app supports left-handed as well as right-handed players. It is compatible with GarageBand smart instruments, has retina graphics, authentic mandolin sound and self-adjustable volume.

MandolinChordsCompass Lite can show you all chords of the 4 different pitches (c, C#, D, D #). You can get these chords displayed as chord charts or as a position on a virtual mandoline fingerboard. You can also listen to any selected chord with authentic mandolin sound! For more chords, just upgrade the app to the full version.

Here’s how the app works: Select a mandolin chord (the key on the left side, the chord in the middle, and the potential chord addition on the right side). Then click on the virtual mandolin fingerboard to see the position of the chord. MandolinChordCompass Lite will show you how many chords are possible in this position. Try out all these Akorde with authentic mandolin sound!

If you want, you can also insert your chords into an editing program to save them for future mandolin practice sessions, or to create your own music sheets for self-composed pieces.

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