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Learn to play the mandolin chords!

Do you need help finding the best chords for mandolins? Use MandolinChordsCompass. With this program, which is used to learn the mandolin game, you will find hundreds of mandolin chords and their variations: Mandola and Mandochelo (they also have the mandolin basic structure).

MandolinenChordsCompass is suitable for both right and left handed. In addition, the app is compatible with a set of musical instruments from GarageBand, has a Volume control option and graphics with very high resolution.

MandolinChordsCompass will show you all the possible chords you can only imagine. They are displayed in the form of a chord chart with the finger positions on the fretboard. Select a chord, select the key to the left, the chord type in the center, and the chord addition on the right side, and the app will display all of the chords of that kind on all the positions of the mandolin’s fretboard. Click the fretboard to change the position. Listen to all these chords with the authentic sound of a mandolin.

Try our free Mandolin Chords Compass Lite version!
MandolinChordsCompass offers you one of the easiest ways to learn the mandolin game while you try and learn chords, as well as familiarize yourself with the notes and finger positions on the fretboard. You have the option to save all possible chords for future practice, just as you can create notes for your favorite songs. Simply add your chords to the editor and save them as a document.
Good luck and enjoy learning the mandolin chords with Mandolin chords compass!

Hello everyone and welcome to MandolinChordsCompass! In this app you will find chords in all possible variants; For all 11 positions on the fingerboard of the mandolin. In MandolinChordsCompass you will find all the usual tunings. Simply select a chord, set the pitch to the left, the chord in the middle and, if needed, the chord addition to the right. The chord is already displayed. Now select the position on the fingerboard. The presentation will show that there are a large amount of different mandolin chords.


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