Easy Guitar Tuner – Tune Your Music Instrument Fast & Precisely

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Get a perfectly tuned guitar with Easy Guitar Tuner! This app has a chromatic tuner with microphone support for precise tuning. Choose from 11 pitch modes and listen to the tone of perfectly tuned strings with the bottom buttons. The repeat mode allows you to tune each string without putting down your guitar. Use the chromatic tuner to check the tuning of each string, green light indicates a perfect tune while red means correction is needed. Correct by tuning the string higher or lower based on the red arrows. Tune all 6 strings with ease and enjoy playing your perfectly tuned guitar. Download the app now!

Get Perfect Guitar Tuning with Easy Guitar Tuner

Are you tired of struggling to tune your guitar? Easy Guitar Tuner has got you covered. This innovative app provides a quick and accurate way to tune your guitar, using a chromatic tuner that is powered by audio input and microphone support.

To get started, simply turn on your device’s microphone and increase the volume. With 11 pitch options to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your needs. The buttons at the bottom of the app’s window will play the sound of each perfectly tuned string, and you can use them individually or in repeat mode.

The chromatic tuner in the center of the app’s window is the key to precision tuning. When you play a string, the tuner will turn green if it’s perfectly tuned, and red if it needs further tuning. The chromatic tuner also shows you whether to adjust the string up or down, with red arrows on the left or right side indicating whether the string is too low or too high. Simply tune the string until the tuner turns green, and repeat the process for each string until your guitar is perfectly tuned.

Enjoy a smooth tuning experience with Easy Guitar Tuner. Download the app today and start playing your guitar with ease!


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