Chords Maestro Lite – Learn The Chords Of All Music Instruments

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Play the chords of all musical instruments!

Are you struggling to find the right chords for your music? Get help from Chords Maestro Lite! This app offers chords for 7 musical instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and Balalaika. Choose your instrument, one of the three chord types (major, minor and seventh chord) and play!

Product Description

Chords Maestro Lite also shows you instrumentspezifische music notes or chord diagrams for your chord and shows you how to position your fingers on your instrument to play this chord. Changing instruments is easy. Click on another instrument and chords Maestro Lite plays your chord on a new instrument! Chords Maestro Lite supports left-and right-handed players, let the app know your desire in the settings simply. Also in the settings: Adjustable volume.

Do you know what instrument you want to try? Click on its button, then select the key and type of chord you want to play and click on Play! Chords Maestro Light also shows you the musical notes (for the piano) or chord diagrams (string instruments) for this chord, as well as the corresponding finger posture on the instrument of your choice.

Try different chords for the same instrument or click on another one.

Do you need more chords? Upgrade to Chords Maestro, the full version of this app.

Chords Maestro Lite also allows you to create chord sequences for your lab or music pieces. Start by selecting your instrument, then find the first chord of your sequence and click on the plus sign. Select your next chord and click the plus sign again. Continue to add chords until you have the sequence you want. If you need to change the order of chords in your sequence, you can make it simple. If you are an ambitious singer, you can transpose your entire chord sequence to suit your vocal range. Save your sequence in favorites if you plan to use it multiple times.

Don’t forget to watch our video tutorial for chords maestro on YouTube!


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