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Tune the musical instruments quickly and accurately!

Are you looking for an easy way to tune multiple string instruments? They found him! 11 Tuners app helps you to tune the following musical instruments: guitar, bass guitar (4 and 5 strings), violin, mandolin, viola, ukulele, cello, banjo, contrabass, Dombura and Balalaika. With our precise Chromatic tuner app you can tune these instruments quickly and accurately! For all the instruments that this app supports, there is a tone generator with the authentic sound for every string of the musical instrument!

Product Description

11 Tuner app also supports the audio input and microphone of your PC, Mac or mobile device. Please check that the microphone is turned on. Also select your preferred tonality. For each instrument there are 11 tonalities in the settings.
The buttons on the bottom of the app window play the correct tone for each string of the selected instrument. There is also a repeat button that repeats the sound so that you can focus on the strings of your instrument.

To fine tune each individual string, use the chromatic tuner located in the middle of the app window. If the tuner blinks green when playing the string, then the string is perfectly tuned. If it blinks red, the string must be tuned further. The chromatic tuner even gives you an indication of whether the tone of the string should be adjusted up or down. For example, if the left arrow blinks red, then the string sounds too low and must be tuned higher. If the right arrow blinks red, it means that the string sounds too high and must be tuned more deeply. So you work on the strings of your musical instrument until the chromatic tuner blinks green.
Did you vote all the strings? Enjoy the perfect sound of your instrument now!
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