Easy Audio Recorder Lite

Easy Audio Recorder Lite

Easy Audio Recorder Lite

macOS, Windows 10

Audio recorder for music and podcasts on your computer!

Whether it’s audio podcasts, audio lectures, music, or music podcasts-whatever you need to record, the Easy Audio Recorder lite will master the challenge! This audio software is really easy to use and helps you save WAV audio recordings to your computer. Try the customizable settings and adjust the audio recorder to your personal needs.

Product Description

Light-weight Recorder:
• Recording controls: Buttons to record, pause, stop and Stop & Skip
• Playback controls: Buttons for play, pause and stop. The play button on the right side has a dropdown menu with more options;
Audio input Device. If you do not customize this feature, then the app will revert to a preset audio input device (such as built-in input), a guide on how to switch to another audio input device, see Settings, integrated Input “, or in our short video tutorial.
• Sample rate: 22050 Hz, 11025 Hz;
• Channels: 1 (mono) and 2 (stereo);
• WAV audio format.

With the Easy Audio Recorder lite You can easily record digital audio, listen to your recorded audio podcasts or recorded music, rename, copy and send files. If you don’t like a recorded file, you can move it to the trash. This way, the file will not be completely lost if you change your mind again!

Download the Easy Audio Recorder lite right now and enjoy this free record-breaking app!
Try the full version of the easy audio recorder as well!

And have a look at our how-to tutorial on YouTube!


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