The Ultimate Solution for PNG Image Compression: Introducing “mini PNG”

The Ultimate Solution for PNG Image Compression: Introducing "mini PNG"

The Ultimate Solution for PNG Image Compression: Introducing “mini PNG”

macOS, Windows
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“Mini PNG” is a powerful tool that utilizes the strongest PNG Lossy Compression algorithm available, enabling users to reduce over 80% of PNG data. The tool’s primary function is to decrease the size of PNG images, saving users valuable storage space across various platforms such as apps, websites, emails, and USB drives. Features include drag-and-drop functionality, preservation of original file structure, batch conversion support, high-resolution image compression, and special optimization for grayscale images. Users can also preview files before and after compression, change the destination for compressed files, and receive notifications upon completion.

Are you tired of dealing with large, bulky PNG files that take up too much space on your devices? Look no further than “mini PNG,” the most advanced PNG lossy compression algorithm on the market. With this powerful tool, you can easily reduce the size of your PNG images by over 80%, saving valuable space on your apps, websites, emails, USB drives, and more.

Key Features of “mini PNG”

* The industry’s strongest PNG lossy compression algorithm, capable of reducing over 80% of PNG data
* Effortless drag and drop functionality for PNG images and folders, allowing you to compress as many files as you need
* An option to preserve the original structure of files and folders, as well as the ability to copy images, texts, and other non-PNG files
* A built-in viewer that allows you to preview all dropped PNG files before and after compression
* Real-time display of the amount of space saved, the number of files, and other useful information during the compression process
* Batch conversion support for maximum efficiency
* High-resolution image compression capabilities
* A specialized optimization path for grayscale images
* The ability to change the destination folder for your compressed PNG files
* Automatic notification and display of the destination folder once compression is complete
* And much more.
Don’t let large PNG files weigh you down any longer. Try “mini PNG” today and experience the ultimate in PNG image compression.

Watch the video how to use the “mini PNG” bellow:

2 reviews for The Ultimate Solution for PNG Image Compression: Introducing “mini PNG”

  1. Luc van de Steeg
    4 out of 5

    It’s a great tool. My new camera produces larger files, and my uploads have to be under 25 MB. Finally something that works in the right way. Just using it on the fly without any hassle. Top!

  2. XX
    5 out of 5

    miniPNG is a great tool makes my work more confidently~

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