Unleash Your Ukulele Skills with UkuleleChordsCompass Lite

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Discover the ultimate tool for your ukulele music needs with UkuleleChordsCompass Lite. This free app supports all ukulele types and sizes and allows you to test a variety of chords on a virtual fingerboard. With adjustable volume and compatibility with GarageBand, you can tailor your learning experience to your needs. Write your own music by dragging and dropping chord diagrams and hear the chords in authentic ukulele sound. Get started today and improve your skills with UkuleleChordsCompass Lite and our YouTube video tutorial.

If you’re looking for the perfect chords for your ukulele music, UkuleleChordsCompass Lite is the solution for you. This free app supports all types and sizes of ukuleles, including soprano, tenor, baritone, concert, and sopranino. With UkuleleChordsCompass Lite, you can test about 33% of all ukulele chords, playing them on a virtual ukulele fingerboard and exploring the different chord positions.

Customizable Learning Experience

UkuleleChordsCompass Lite offers a customized learning experience, with adjustable volume, retina graphics, and compatibility with GarageBand smart instruments. Whether you’re a right or left-handed player, this app has got you covered. You can learn at your own pace and write your own music sheets by selecting a voice, chord type, and position on the virtual fingerboard. The app even plays the chords for you, allowing you to hear the authentic ukulele sound.

Write Your Own Music

In addition to learning the chords, you can also create your own sheet music using the chord diagrams in the built-in editor. Simply drag and drop the chord diagrams to your preferred positions, and you’re good to go!Do you need more chords? Then get the full version,

Get Started Today

Download UkuleleChordsCompass Lite today and take the first step towards unleashing your ukulele skills. For even more tips and tricks, check out our video tutorial on YouTube!


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