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The perfect chords on your ukulele!

Are you looking for the perfect chords for your ukulele music? Try UkuleleChordsCompass Lite, a free app that supports all ukulele types and sizes: Soprano, tenor, baritone, concert and Sopranino. The app has all the normal moods for the ukulele (soprano is the default tuning), adjustable volume and retina graphics. This ukulele learning software supports both right-handed and left-handed
Ukulelespieler. The chord notation and chord sets are compatible with GarageBand smart instruments.

Product Description

UkuleleChordsCompass Lite gives you the opportunity to test about 33% of all ukulele chords using the virtual ukulele fingerboard and the ukulele music notes. You can, on the fingerboard, play each of the chords in up to 4 vocal positions (c, C#, D, D #), then learn them at your own pace and even write your own new music sheets.

Do you need more chords? Then get the full version,

Select a voice on the left side, then a Akkortypen in the middle and then a type addition on the right side. Next, click on the ukulele fretboard and select the position for your chord.

UkuleleChordsCompass Lite will show you all the chords at this point to the available. Listen to the chords in an authentic ukulele sound! Learn the music notes and the positions on the fingerboard in passing or create your own sheet music by simply dragging and dropping the chord diagrams in the editor!

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