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Learn the chords of all musical instruments!

Hello, music lover! If you need some help to find the right chords for your music, try chords Maestro! You can choose from 7 musical instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and Balalaika. Find your instrument, find your chord and play it! Chords maestro also shows instrument-specific musical notes or chord diagrams for your chord and the respective finger position on your instrument. If you like to try other instruments, just go! Just one click, and chords Maestro shows you how your chord looks and sounds on another instrument!

Do you want more instruments? Upgrade to the full version of this app, handy chords. In addition to banjo and Balalaika, you can choose between piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and mandolin.

Handy Chords Lite is suitable for right-and left-handed musicians. Share your preference with the app in the settings. Also in the settings: Adjustable volume.

Select your instrument by tapping the instrument button. Then select the key and type of your chord. To play your chord, tap play. Handy Chords Lite also shows you how your chord as a chord chart looks for either the banjo or the Balalaika and where you need to place your fingers on your instrument to get that chord.

Play any chord you want on the same instrument or tap the Instrument button and switch to the other!

With the help of handy chords lite You can also create your own chord sequence for your banjo or Balalaikamusik or your lab. Select your instrument, then select the first chord of your sequences and tap the plus sign. Choose your next chord and don’t forget to tap the plus sign again! Continue until you have the sequence you want. If you sing along with your instrumental piece, you can also transfer your sequence to a lower or higher pitch to suit your vocal range.

Take the opportunity of this free app! Download Handy Chords Lite now!
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