Balalaika Tuner – Tune Your Music Instrument Fast & Precisely

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Vote your balalaika quickly and accurately!

Need help with the voices of rissischen balalaika? Try balalaika tuner! Our app will help you while tuning and it helps you also to approve each of the strings with a Chromatic Tuner with audio input and microphone support, exactly. Turn up the volume of your device, make sure that your microphone is turned on and let’s get you started, to vote your balalaika!

Product Description

Balalaika Tuner has 11 pitches from which you can choose. Choose the You like. The buttons at the bottom of the app window play the sound of each string of a perfectly tuned Balalaika. You can use these buttons individually or in repeat mode, which repeats the sound of the selected string. Most of the tuning you can make without taking your hands off your Balalaika!

The chromatic tuning function in the middle of the app window is used for precise tuning of individual strings. Play a string and if it is perfectly tuned, the tuner will blink green. If the tuner flashes red, the string must be tuned further. The chromatic tuning function shows you whether the string has to be adjusted up or down. If the arrow on the left side blinks red, your string sounds too low and must be tuned higher. If the arrow on the right side blinks red, your string sound is too high and must be tuned lower. Tune the strings until the chromatic tuning function blinks green. Continue with the next string. Continue until all the strings are perfectly tuned and enjoy playing your Balalaika.
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