Discover the Secrets of Guitar Notes with Guitar Notes Finder!

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Guitar Notes Finder: Learn and Master Guitar Notes

Guitar Notes Finder is an app that makes learning guitar notes easy and fun. With Note Explorer mode, beginners and advanced players alike can explore and remember guitar notes on a virtual music sheet and fretboard. NoteTrainer mode tests your skills and tracks progress. The app offers complete coverage of a guitar’s music range, authentic acoustic sounds, and features like violin and bass modes, adjustable semitones, notation options, and volume control. User-friendly interface supports retina displays.

If you’re looking to become a skilled guitarist, look no further than Guitar Notes Finder. This innovative app provides an effortless way to learn guitar notes and master the instrument in no time.

Easily Learn Guitar Notes with Note Explorer Mode

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, the Note Explorer mode has got you covered. With just a few minutes of practice a day, you’ll be able to read guitar notes with ease. The mode allows you to explore the notes on a virtual music sheet by simply moving the cursor up or down, while blue dots on the virtual guitar fingerboard indicate the positions of the notes on a real guitar. Alternatively, you can also click on different positions on the fretboard to find the desired note, which will also be displayed on the score sheet. Listen to the notes, experiment, and try to memorize the positions on the guitar fingerboard.

Challenge Yourself with NoteTrainer Mode

If you already have some knowledge of guitar notes, the NoteTrainer mode is perfect for you. This mode tests your skills by presenting you with a blue dot on the fingerboard, which represents a note that you must guess. This training session has a time limit, but the more you play, the better you’ll get! After each training session, the Guitar Notes Trainer will evaluate your results and show you your successes and challenges. You can track your progress in reading and recognizing guitar notes and compare it with your previous results. Push yourself to beat your personal best time and improve your skills even further!

A Complete Solution for Guitar Learning

Guitar Notes Finder is a comprehensive solution for all your guitar learning needs. It covers the entire range of music on a guitar and features the authentic sounds of an acoustic guitar. Additionally, it offers violin and bass key modes, the ability to increase and decrease semitones, Standard (A, B, C) and Solfeggio (Do, Re, Mi) notation, and an adjustable volume. The app’s user-friendly interface supports retina displays, making it accessible and convenient for everyone.


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