The use of violin for children

The use of violin for children

Is the child, music and violin necessary or not?

My daughter is a violinist at a music school. I would like to ask, probably, why it is necessary? Why did you give it to the violin? I just noticed that she could not sing well, that is, correctly intone. And for a girl not to be able to sing, it is ugly. And the violin, like no other instrument, contributes to the development of musical hearing. And in combination with training on Solfeggio gives the result-good clean, beautiful, melodic musical singing. That’s one reason.

Second. The second reason I do not see yet. Well, maybe it’s me, and you’ll love the way the violin sounds. Although, the actual sound after the beginning of classes begins in four years. The rest of the time is unpleasant sounds.

In general, the violin is wonderful because it is convenient to practice. Not like the Bayan or the contrabass. She’s small. Got up, got it, played it, hid it. Not too loud, such as a pipe. In terms of musical art, the violin is the most complex instrument. But in the beauty of sounding it is inferior only to the human voice. This is the most perfect tool created by man. If you aspire to perfection, it is necessary to play the violin. Sherlock Holmes was able to play the violin. That’s right, by the way.

Only an adult can no longer learn to own the violin, so you need to start from childhood. If you are interested in the development of the child as a person, then you can quite give it to deal with this tool. Violinists, they are always more advanced as musicians, compared to the rest. However, pianists also perfectly own general musical literacy, but in terms of composer art, playing melodies by ear, violinists have no equal. This is the specificity of the tool that these skills develop in the best possible way.

Of course, the southpaw will be the best violinist than the right hander. The main difficulty and responsibility for the beauty of music here in the left hand. The same goes for guitarists. If you think about what tool to give to learn a child, then consider as a variant of the violin, but not the only one, because along with the pros are present and cons. Many children suffer in the process of learning, because they do not see the result in the form of a beautiful sound, then they are hard to force themselves to do. Another thing is the piano, trumpet, flute.

But if you are interested in the upbringing of a very delicate aesthetic and musical taste in your child, then the violin is just what you need. In addition, violinists, as a rule, are good pianists. Though, the piano for violinists is taught as an additional instrument, but thanks to the excellent musical development, they manage to reach a high level and in a game on a piano. The violinist can learn to play guitar without any problems – this is also a definite plus.

I hope I have presented you with a full picture, and you will not change your mind to give your child to learn to play the violin. And I want you to get it.