APP “120 Mandolin Chords”

APP “120 Mandolin Chords”

How to learn to play mandolin

An exciting and useful application that will help you learn to play mandolin by studying notes and chords.

First you need to study notes and chords. 120 Mandolin Chords is a reliable program that can help you in this! This application will allow you to learn both theory and practice, including the correct location of hands and fingers relative to the instrument at the time of the game.

Great music player

This application will allow you to get enough knowledge on the game on mandolin and become a master of this by studying notes and chords. Each note will be displayed by the Taba program. This will give you the opportunity to read music sheets and play on them.
In addition, the sounds are reproduced by the program 120 Mandolin Chords as realistic as they were played on a live instrument. So it will be easier for you to perceive the game on mandolin by ear and compare it with the record in the program and, if necessary, adjust your game.

Music composer. Practice.

You can easily practice with chords, or compose musical circuits from them by adding them to the Favorites collection. This sequence can be seen at the top of the window where chords should be displayed.
120 Mandolin Chords gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of projects from these collections and save them for later use, edit and so on.
You can use this feature to simplify the practice process or to write songs.
You can read more about the program on
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And watch the video of how the program works on the YouTube channel.