Keyboard tools

Keyboard tools

Types of keyboard Tools

Keyboard tools are great inventions in music. The newest system of score letters has appeared thanks to them. In addition to the harpsichord and piano, the keys are available on various other instruments. For example, on the accordion, or clavichord.

Electronic keyboard Tools
Instruments such as electrical organs or piano are popular with pop bands and jazz musicians. On an electric organ or a piano play as well as on usual, but the sound changes. And it goes like a synth.

Synthesizers create signals that pass through special amplifiers. These signals can make many different sounds.

Electrical organs
Electrical organs were born around 1920-ies. In their time, they were a perfect technical innovation and could make a lot of beautiful sounds. The kinds of those bodies, which in intermissions rose from under the stage and were poured by the sparks of multiple indicators, provided a lasting impression on the public.

This tool has the sound of metal strips, which are beaten by special hammers associated with keys. On this instrument was created not one beautiful work. For example, “Dance of the Fairy Bean” from the ballet “The Nutcracker”. This dance was written Tchaikovsky specially for Celesta.

The accordion is like a small organ, with only a side keyboard. To learn to play the keys at this angle, you need abilities.

Church organ
Each concert or large church organ often uses a pedal, such as a keyboard for legs and 3 or 4 rows of keyboards. In addition, it still has a number of registers, which the person who plays on the organ chooses the necessary groups of pipes. All these devices are necessary because that in organs the large quantity of pipes which give out notes not only of different height, but also different timbre sound is used.