Learning to play guitar

Learning to play guitar

Basics of playing guitar

Let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful tool. I will not delve into the history, as all this you can find on the internet with ease, opening at least Wikipedia.

In fact, the guitar is quite easy to master the instrument. For 2-3 days of hard work can already learn to play. Someone’s doing it badly, someone’s good. That’s not the point. You have to understand that the guitar needs to be “communicated”. No, don’t talk, of course! You have to understand how the guitar behaves in this or that situation. In other words you have to play the guitar, putting all the soul. Giving himself everything. If you do not do this, you will hardly have something. The guitar is like a woman. She needs care and affection. When you play the guitar, just be careful and you will succeed.

As I said, the guitar needs care. Before the game and after the game, wipe the dust, check all the fixtures and the integrity of the guitar. If you do not do this, in time, your guitar will just become worse sound and appearance, of course, deteriorate. Be sure to remove the tool in the case or in the insulated room to avoid various temperature and other influences (more touching acoustic guitars).

Remember only as a group “Kiss” crashing guitars on stage. A self-respecting musician would never do that. Oh, come on. Kiss normal guys and the music they have is good, but now is not about it. Enough philosophy and go straight to business. We will refer to the acoustic guitar more than to electro.

General requirements

To learn how to play the guitar, you need to memorize a few general requirements that will be of great benefit in the development of the instrument.

1. The first and the most important is to have a desire to play. Maybe it sounds silly, as I used to think when I started learning guitar, but this is the most important rule when mastering a guitar. The desire to study hard will necessarily give fruitful results of your works. If you’re not getting anything, just take a break. Have a rest, drink some tea. Lie down, finally. But in no case do not refuse your desire. If the desire is lost, then continue to make no sense. Playing guitar requires it all the time!

2. The second thing to learn is the health of your fingers at the initial stage of training. Every novice guitarist faces the problem of mazolej at the fingertips. More touches the left hand, as it you clamp the strings, creating chords on the neck. Take care not to get too involved. Also take a breather and knead your fingers with a mini massage. In my experience I know how it hurts and heals not very quickly. For our weak sex, of course, no nails. It’s going to have to be sacrificed. Either a manicure or a guitar game. But really strong desire always wins.

3. The third important rule is the mental state of a person. Is it problematic to learn to play guitar if you are an unstable person and are constantly nervous? It’s not going to work. Playing the guitar requires a balanced state and patience. If you’re not all right with your nerves, you’ll end up either throwing the case or breaking the guitar. So before you start learning to play, evaluate the state of your mental properties, and then get to the training.

4. And another, important, rule. Do not drink alcohol when playing the guitar. If you are intoxicated, you will feel that everything is “cool”, but in fact it will not be so. Maybe some experienced rockers will not agree with me, but with sober and sane mind the game is much more beautiful and qualitative. Well this item probably can be attributed already to those who have mastered the tool, but all the same beginners categorically do not recommend learning to play for a bottle of beer or a glass of “tea”.

5. Well, of course the rumor. For a successful guitar game you will need a sharp hearing. There is an opinion that some musicians do not shone with acute hearing. Yes, it is. But this is most likely gifted personality than taught. How to determine your hearing, you ask. You’ve probably been with Laura more than once. So here’s a medical card to help kidding. Every person should know what the rumor is and draw conclusions.

Setting up the guitar

I have to disappoint you. If you have never played a guitar and have just taken it in your hands, the setting will be very tight. Ask better acquaintances who know how to tune the guitar. If there are none, a very simple and wonderful program will be useful. The program is called “Camerton” and does not require installation. You can download it here. At the time we tuned the guitar on the dial tone of the handset. This beep gave me a note. Here, if you set up one note, you can already set up all the others.

The notes go in the following order from the bottom up, i.e. from the first to the sixth strings: mi (e), Si (H), Sol (G), Re (D), La (a), MI (e). As you can see, the first and sixth strings are identical in name and sound, but only in different octaves.

Once you have set the first string, the second one can be adjusted by it, holding on the fifth fret the second string. With the correct setting the sound should be identical, that is, the strings should sound in unison. So with all the other strings, but to adjust the third string to the second, you need to clamp not on the fifth fret and on the fourth. Setting the fourth string again on the fifth and so on. I configure on hearing. That is nowhere to press anything and just pull the strings and configure, as I already know how they should sound. You can also check jerking the first and sixth strings after setting. The sound on the note should be the same.

For beginners, a small setup plate:

The first string is adjusted to fork or other “mi” sound.
The second string is pressed on the fifth fret, and the first one we leave open. Djorgaem both strings at the same time until you get the same sound.
The third string is pressed on the fourth fret, and the second one we leave open. Djorgaem both strings at the same time until you get the same sound.
The fourth string is pressed on the fifth fret, and the third is left open. Djorgaem both strings at the same time until you get the same sound.
The fifth string is pressed on the fifth fret, and the fourth is left open. Djorgaem both strings at the same time until you get the same sound.
The sixth string is pressed on the fifth fret, and the fifth is left open. Djorgaem both strings at the same time until you get the same sound.


So here we came to the most basic. Where do you start? The first thing to do is to master a few simple chords. As a rule, the most popular chords are minor and major. That is the standard. Usually it is am, A, Dm, D, Fm, F and so on. Let’s figure out the first chord “a”. It’s called the “A-major” chord. The strings go from left to right. So the first one on the left is the 6th string, that is, the top of the guitar and the thickest. The cross means that this string is MOT with the thumb, that is not sounding from it is not made. The dots are our fingers, clamping the strings on the second fret. The numbers above the dots mean the numbers of our fingers that start with the index.

These are the basic chords you have to explore. It is not necessary to climb into various complicated chords with different consoles. You’ll get to them. I will describe the chords in more detail in my next articles, but still the main one.

Looping strings and fighting games

Looping strings is also the basis of the game. The brute force allows you to make music more melodically. Also, playing the guitar is the basis of classical music, where there are a lot of dynamic notes that vary in quick order. You do not need such a method of play. More suitable game fight. I think we’ve seen a lot of guitar players play the fight. That is, the hand brush goes up and down.

Here, honestly, something is difficult to advise, as the game is a fight-a rather individual technique music. Still playing so-called mediators, but you, again, it is not necessary yet. Try to play on your own. But do not hit the strings too hard, as you risk to break your fingers to the blood. It happened to me when I wanted the guitar to sound louder. After that, the whole deck was in the blood, and the fingers were broken. Beat the strings moderately and slowly. Try to just drive the brush up downwards.