Basics of Ukulele

Basics of Ukulele

What is a ukulele?

So what is a ukulele? Ukulele is a string musical instrument that appeared on the Pacific Island in 1880, thanks to Manuel Núñez. The absolute majority of people, small, in size, guitar, evokes associations with Hawaiian music, beautiful melodies, sandy beaches, palm trees and wreaths of flowers. From the part is so, lead it is after the tour of Pacific Artists on the world, ukulele and received recognition.

As much as it seems strange, the ukulele has a lot of advantages, forcing hundreds of musicians around the world to choose this musical instrument.


Oddly enough, its small size is an advantage and not a drawback. Its modest size simplifies its transportation and, in fact, allows you to take it anywhere.


The ukulele has only 4 strings, which simplifies the chords to the elementary level. For example, the chord C and AM are clamped with just one string, just on different odds. In just a couple of hours of classes you can play simple melodies, and with regular lessons in just a month you can confidently call yourself an experienced player.


One more indisputable advantage of ukulele is its low price. When I first started getting acquainted with this tool, I was very surprised that quite qualitative models cost about 2500 rubles. Undoubtedly this is a very good price for a tool with such potential.

There are only 5 types of ukulele in the world:

Soprano (total length 53 cm)
Concert (58 cm)
Tenor (66 cm)
Baritone (76 cm)
Bass (76 cm)

The soprano, the smallest of all, is more common in the world. I also consider myself a fan of this species, as the sound of the soprano sounds like home, warm and gentle. Minus are small enough sizes of frets that for beginners, certainly will cause difficulties, but it is quite easily surmountable. The concert ukulele is larger, and consequently the rezoning increases, which is why the sound turns louder and richer. The tenor ukulele is ideal for people who can play guitar. The frets of this ukulele are the same size as the guitar, which simplifies the training of beginners. The baritone ukulele has a significantly lower sound. Often, in the reviews to this tool, you can hear that this is a “Underguitar”, which is absolutely wrong. Large sizes add to the sound depth and some velvet tint. The baritone ukulele will be an excellent part of any ensemble. Well and finally a ukulele bass. This type of ukulele appeared very recently and is still little in demand in the masses. Having the size of a soprano ukulele and many times surpassing the diameter of other models of ukulele strings, produces no similar low sounds.

For beginners, I can advise the soprano ukulele, because it is its sound associated with Hawaiian songs and after the purchase you get exactly what you expected. It is interesting that with the knowledge of only 4 basic chords: C, AM, F, G, you will be able to play about 70% of the songs ever written for the ukulele. And the last words you, dear Ukulelisty: Despite all the simplicity of the instrument, it is worth remembering that without hard training, training and effort can not be obtained.

My advice to you: it is better to play every day, but a little bit, than once a month and 4 hours. Remember: The road overcome going.