About David Garrett

About David Garrett

The youngest virtuoso-David Garrett

The young violinist from America, David Garrett, trapped in the Guinness Book of Records for the most virtuoso game, only 35 years.

He learned to play the violin when he was only 4 years. His father was a lawyer, and his mother-a famous ballerina. His surname he took from his mother, because it is easy to remember and speak. At the age of 7, Mozart had already studied at the conservatory, and in 12 he gave solo concerts in pairs with the famous violinist Ida Handel. It is unknown why he entered the Royal College of London, where he was kicked for frequent passes on the grounds of touring. He himself later joked that just their ways dispersed because of incompatibility, him and college. In 1999, David entered the Juilliard School in New York. Four years later he was the best composer of the school. Due to lack of funds the Fiddler had to agree to the work of the model, because it has a refined appearance, correct facial features and a good physique.

His first violin Stradivari musician received in 11 years personally from the President of Germany, and in 13 he already recorded his own disc. In 16 the violinist played with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. He was offered to take a show on the Air Force channel. In his first album, he tried to force young people to show interest in classical music. He plays modern rock compositions and famous soundtracks, country and folk music. His game amazes with its speed and purity of sound. Along with the works of Paganini, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov (the famous “Flight of Bumblebee”), the violinist also plays contemporary composers. He gradually reached the celebrity, he was invited to even advertise the handles of a famous company. In 2013, David starred in the film “Paganini-Violinist Devil”, where he plays a major role, masterfully performing the Music of Paganini. Especially remembered is the famous game of Paganini on one string, which Garrett repeated brilliantly. David also composed soundtracks for the film.

Now the musician gives on 200 concerts for a year, keeping thus excellent form. Recently the violinist has visited Russia with concerts.

Garrett has a lot of fans, but there is not yet a allone that could become a companion of life, making multiple separations because of the tour.