The presence of musical hearing

The presence of musical hearing

What is musical hearing?

Ignoring the official definitions, let’s say that it is about the ability of a person to hear and discern some sounds, their combinations and rhythms. It is clear, everyone can hear, who has no problems with hearing, but not all are able to distinguish false notes, change the tonality of the sound or play a favorite melody, only once listened to it. Such inability means musical hearing.

How do you check whether there is a musical hearing or not? To do this, do not try to sing on the recorder favorite melody, and then upset that the created “masterpiece”-Far from a masterpiece, and what you want to quickly remove. Not everyone can manage their voice, so it is not necessary to focus on this “test”. The easiest way is to test your hearing on the piano. Ask the person to press one of the keys of this tool, thus, do not see which key was activated. After that, try to pick up the heard sound on the tonality.

Also hearing can be checked by clapping his hands. Ask someone to perform a rhythm like this, wait for seconds 5-8 and try to reproduce it. It will work – the hearing is present. There are also special tests that check not only the presence/absence of musical hearing, but also its sharpness. Such tests are easy to find today on the Internet, they are not only informative, but quite fascinating.

But the most important thing is that the sad news about the absence of musical hearing should not be taken as a verdict. Yes, the perfect musical ear is a gift from above, but the fact that you will be allowed to play musical instruments and to sing quite tolerably can be trained. It will not be easy, but it is possible and necessary to develop a hearing, and it is desirable to give such recommendation to everyone, because in a new way to hear music, and the surrounding world in general – it is expensive!