Musical Instruments-2

Musical Instruments-2

Classification of musical instruments

Symphony Orchestra. Ensembles. Leading conductors. Soloists. One day, each of the musicians felt an impulse to give to themselves and the surrounding sounds of music. And at this stage, the person chose a tool with which you can reach the hearts of listeners.
What a person possesses is a voice. The most versatile tool, the possession of which in perfection otherwise as a miracle, is not called. He is always with his owner, no special socks for transportation it is not required. The costs are only for learning from a good teacher.

Instruments, the music of which “blown”, are called spiritual. Most famous: accordion, trumpet, saxophone… Here you will have to spend both on the tool itself and on the carrying case. Not to mention valves, mouthpiece, stoppers, devices for changing the sound volume. Good wind instruments in that they are not heavy when carrying, to spend on setting the sound of the instrument is not necessary, and it turns out, you can improve your skills wherever you want.

All instruments that have strings are string instruments. Here the piano, guitar, violin comes to mind… Some representatives of this series are quite expensive, it is necessary to constantly adjust the tool: Any shake threatens with a string disorder. With a special skill of course, you can do it yourself. Not every string instrument you bring with you, for example, to the contest of performers. Well, if it’s balalaika. What about the piano? I think it will be difficult with harp…

Drum, timpani – with its simplicity, these percussion instruments will give a very uneasy music. This irreplaceable sense of rhythm in any work will be pleasant to vibrate in all your body. Of course, these musical instruments are also not cheap-like all of the above, they are made exclusively from natural materials, as a man, as soon as he heard the music in his heart found a response to it in everything that came to him: from a knot, to Piece of metal. With the fact that now the music has become more difficult, multifaceted, demanding to its performers, there are those who can ease their musical taste to conquer the hearts of millions.

This classification, of course, does not reveal all the variety of instruments, but will be understood, at least, even those who by the nature of their activities did not encounter any of the conductors in the world of music.